"Douse That Louse" tm

Are you sick of constantly using powder based de-lousing products, or maybe you don't want to put harsh chemical insecticides on your chickens. Then our "Oldganics"tm Dousing system is for you.


Simply add this product to water and bucket and place your poultry in the bucket for one minute (or can be used with a sprayer).

  After 20 Minutes the lice will be dead, giving Immediate relief. Our product suffocates the Lice and their eggs, We call this a "suffocant"tm


 As Far as we're aware this is the fastest natural way to kill Lice. Contains Natural Plant oils Known to sooth & heal, helps fast recovery from those nasty Lice bites!
Immunity cannot be developed to this product!


If applied correctly Usually all Lice will be gone for up to 8 weeks!!

See the Video for more details!

For Summer use only!

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100Ml Bottle enough to treat over 70 chickens - very economical
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Using the same "suffocant"tm formula as DTL but at a greater concentration!


FTM kills Red Mite, Scaly Mite & other insect pests, and reduces the Hatch-ability of Mite, fly & Tick eggs.

It also makes your pet less attractive to pests.


Simply add to water & spray all the nooks & cracks as well as any visible Red Mite. For Red Mite control its best used after dusk, spray directly onto any Red Mite. As a precaution remove Chickens whist spraying, so they don't get it into their eyes!


Use Every Other Night When Mites are a problem, and Watch the Red Mite population Dwindle ( Can be used In Combination With Diatomaceous Earth on alternative Nights). Insects such as red mite may take upto 24 Hours to kill.


Or use during the day, If you can find where the Mites are nesting!


For Scale mite ONLY use on Legs, start at a lesser Dilution of 5ml Per Litre, Use Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) Or Olive Oil, on the chickens legs after Legs have Dried, as Ingredients Can dry out

This product has been successfully used on carpets for Ticks, Fleas

Flight That Mite (FTM)
Available in 100Ml Bottle
Supplied as a thick "goo" To coat & suffocate insects
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