We Deliver the Incubator ( you can arrange to collect, if more convenient ), set it up, and help you to get used to the incubator. Usually this will be on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, as the chicks will then hatch on a Monday-Thursday, this usually avoids chicks hatching on a weekend, which may pose a concern for schools.
We will then collect the incubator 2 days after incubation has stopped (day 23 for chickens), we will remove all unhatched or partially hatched eggs, If you have ordered a brooder we will leave only those chicks that appear healthy, and leave the brooder, food and a waterer.
The brooder can be used for up to 14 days, Most schools like to use it for up to 7 days.
We will collect the brooder at the end of the hire period and re-locate the chicks to our brooding facilities.
How to Order & Pay
Please contact us via telephone (07726 513375 ) or leave a text message with your contact name and number.
We will advise you of what slots we have available, please then email or send a letter with your order, we will confirm dates & Prices, and send an Invoice for your order.
OR you can Register on our online booking system, and then book the dates you need.
at www.backtotheland.co.uk/hire/
If you are a private Individual (not a school or institution) A refundable holding deposit will be required of between 100 & 150
In the incubator Eggs need to be turned 1-3 times a day, we have designed our incubators to allow even young children to be able to be involved from day one. Temperature is set, so the only thing that will change is the humidity, This isn't as critical as temperature, however weather conditions can affect how easy it is to keep the correct humidity. After 7 days you can use our candling machine to see inside the eggs and watch the embryo "swimming" & developing
Incubation period is 21 days for chicken, 25 days for Duck & 31 days for geese.  Slower developing chicks need 1 to 2 days more.
After 24 hours all chicks "Fluff up" at this point they can be safely transferred into a brooder. At this stage you can have the chicks outside the brooder in warm hands for 15-20 Minuets, before they have to be put back in the brooder.
After 2 days in a brooder, it is safe to use the Playpen for upto 2 hours, before being transferred back into the brooder for an hour.
We will bring an invoice on delivery of the incubator.
Please Have payment ready on collection of the incubation equipment. Please pay via Cash, Cheque or paypal (a 5% surcharge is made for paypal payments). Cheque's made payable to backtotheland
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