These drinkers are great if you need to go away for a few days :-)
Click Video below to see one in action! and how easy they are to fit! 
Each chicken needs 300 ml To 500 ml (.5ltr) per day of water depending on weather conditions etc.
Our Auto drinker holds over 22.5 Ltr (5 gallon), that's 22-37 days water for 2 chickens
Or 15 to 25 days for 3 Chickens.
Comes complete with 3 high flow metal nipples, which will service up to 10 chickens (4 nipple version available).
Keeps ALL the water clean & useable.
Less wasted water, less cleaning.
Helps stop disease contamination from wild birds or even from chicken to chicken
Helps prevent boredom
Only 20+P&P Or get both Feeder & Drinker for 35
(if you have purchased chickens from us)
Can be used with our Bok-tea bags to give chickens an immune boost, reduce chicken poo smells, and accelerate composting time! 
See our automatic feeder system click here
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Automatic nipple drinker system 
Click this video to see one in action, being used for the first time by a chicken
see one being installed & adjusted, by a teenager, so easy a girl can install one!
Aprox. Size: Width 24Cm
Height 31 Cm Length 30Cm
Hang it 12-24" off ground
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